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AFCC and AFCC Ontario Chapter Memberships are managed by the AFCC International offices in Wisconsin, USA.  View their Membership Benefits webpage for information on membership.

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Take a look at the results of our 2014 AFCC-O survey. We always welcome feedback from our members on what information you would like us to expand upon, or improve.

Membership is an Investment in Professional Excellence

There is no better way to keep pace with the rapidly changing environment for those who work with families in conflict. Your membership will provide you with the latest information and most knowledgeable resources, saving you valuable time and money. There are many networking opportunities to meet, learn with, consult and even debate with a diverse group of professionals all committed to excellence in resolving family conflict. Membership includes invitations to conferences and training programs, education, advocacy and the opportunity to participate on AFCC Ontario chapter committees, task forces and projects.

The Top 10 List: Reasons to become an AFCC Member:

10. AFCC is an international and interdisciplinary association of family law judges, lawyers, mental health professionals, social workers, psychologists, mediators, court administrators and other professionals working in the family justice system.

9. AFCC is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of the children and families we serve. Its members have pioneered major changes in the resolution of family conflict in the context of separation and divorce and child welfare for more than 45 years!

8. AFCC members have developed dispute resolution processes such as child custody mediation, parenting coordination and divorce education, and then collaborated with other organizations to develop essential standards of practice and guidelines to raise the bar in the field of family law. Think “Wingspread” (2007)… Guidelines for Parenting Coordination (May 2005)… Guidelines for Court-Involved Therapy (Draft in February 2010), and the recent discussion paper on mental health consultants and child custody evaluations (October 2011) … to name just a few!

7. AFCC is a multidisciplinary organization that promotes collegiality, and healthy dialogue and debate on controversial topics between all of its members.

6. AFCC Ontario was incorporated and received its full status as a charitable organization in December 2009. As such, it is the first chapter in Canada (although there are AFCC members across the country!). As of October 2012, there were 422 AFCC Members in Ontario, 350 of which are Chapter members.

5. Members of AFCC and AFCC Ontario have access to two fabulous member websites, links to important articles, updates on AFCC initiatives everywhere, upcoming educational events, and a menu for parents to access reliable information pertaining to separation and divorce.

4. Members of AFCC receive the quarterly journal Family Court Review that contains quality peer reviewed articles.

3. Members of AFCC and AFCC Ontario have access to informative and stimulating conferences each year with special member pricing. These are quality “must do” conferences that combine education with networking, and a bit of R & R. In the case of the parent organization, they are held annually in the U.S. or Canada. Recent conferences have been in New Orleans, Denver, Vancouver and Orlando. In 2013 the conference will be held in Los Angeles and in 2014 it will be in Toronto! As well, we have access to other chapter conferences.

2. You will find that other members of AFCC become your professional family. You can call upon them to commiserate about a practice issue, and to find meaningful solutions wherever possible. In terms of AFCC board members and committee chair-people encourage and welcome your participation and input regarding your professional needs. That can be a lot of fun… AFCC members like to have fun!

1. And, the number ONE reason to become a member of AFCC is:

You will get to know better all of the like-minded professionals who attend AFCC-O events. The organization is determined to reach out to professionals province-wide, aiming to have the interests and needs of Ontario professionals represented by the chapter.

Students, don’t forget that student membership in AFCC is only $25.

Not only do you receive the same benefits, but membership in the Ontario Chapter is free!

We are looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

We are always looking for volunteers from our membership for involvement in our various committees and working groups.