Executive & Committees


President: Justice Gerri L. Wong
President Elect: Dan Ashbourne
Vice President: Jay McGrory
Secretary: Brian Burke
Treasurer: Shely Polak
Past President: Andrea Himel


Finance Committee:
Chair: Shely Polak
Members: Dan Ashbourne, Steven Benmor, Maggie Hall, Justice Allan Rowsell, Justice Gerri L. Wong

Nominating Committee:
Chair: Andrea Himel,
Members: Dan Ashbourne, Shely Polak, Justice Gerri L. Wong

Annual Conference Committee: 
Chairs: Andrea Himel, Brian Burke, & Justice Roselyn Zisman
Members: Dana Cohen, Steve D’Souza, Stella Kavoukian, Maxine Kerr, & Jaclyn Mackenzie

Awards & Scholarships Committee: 
Chair: Jay McGrory
Members: Justice Philip Clay, Seema Jain, Justice Roselyn Zisman

Communications Committees:
Co-Chairs: Linda Feldman and Linda Popielarczyk

Newsletter Committee Members:
Kimberly Brown (AFCC-O Admin), Karla McGrath, Archana Medhekar, Erica Morassutti, Jared Norton, Brook Thorndycraft

Website Committee Members:
Kimberly Brown (AFCC-O Admin), Michelle Hayes, Mike Marra, Justice Allan Rowsell, Golnaz Simaei, Justice Clayton Spencer

High Conflict Forum Committee:
Chair: Linda Popielarczyk

Members: Dan Ashbourne and Linda Feldman (AFCC-O), Howard Hurwitz and Judy Newman (Toronto High Conflict Forum (HCF)

Membership Committee:
Chair: Jay McGrory
Members: Nicholas Bala, Brian Burke, Michelle Hayes, Justice Gerri L. Wong

Research and Policy Committee:
Co-Chairs: Andrea Himel & Nicholas Bala
Members: Lisa Bernstein, Jay McGrory, Shirley Levitan, Justice Ellen Murray, Keith Taller

Walsh Family Law Moot & Negotiation Competition Committees:

The Walsh Family Law Moot:

Co-Chairs: Steven Benmor & Justice Philip Clay
Members: Golnaz Simaie, Clayton Spencer, Sina Hariri, Jessica Gagne, Aly Virani, Kathy Batycky, Jackie Kennedy, Katina Kavassalis, Tanya Road

The Walsh Family Law Negotiation Competition:

Chairs: Elizabeth Hyde, Tami Moscoe, & Jennifer Suzor
Members: Brian Burke, Susan Jack, Justice Jennifer Mackinnon, Justice Heather McGee, Mary-Anne Popescu, Justice Gerri L. Wong