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AFCC-O is committed to providing members with timely information and resources during this global pandemic. Visit this page often for updates.

NEW Handling Co-Parenting Issues as Stay-At-Home Orders are Lifted – JURIST

Post-COVID courts could see less oral advocacy, more paper-based and remote adjudication: SCC’s Wagner — The Lawyers Daily

10 Co-parenting Recommendations for the COVID-19 Crisis, A Mediator’s Perspective

AAML Survey Uncovers Difficulties for Family Law Attorneys During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Q&A With Susan Myres

Judge says COVID-19 not an excuse to unilaterally suspend access to children

Bala, Covid 19 & Family Law: LAO 28/4/20

Mental Health and COVID-19: Coping with Stress and Anxiety – CAMH

Possible COVID-19 Clauses

Exercise good judgment before coming to courts in light of COVID-19, family lawyers say (Lawyer’s Daily)

New Battle for Those on Coronavirus Front Lines: Child Custody

Parents should respect custody arrangements during COVID-19 pandemic: Ontario courts (Global News)

Courts scramble to modernize to keep the system working in a pandemic (CBC)

What counts as ‘urgent’ in a pandemic? From children’s aid to custody cases, Ontario family courts adjust to COVID-19 (Toronto Star)subscription may be required

7 Guidelines for Parents Who Are Divorced/Separated and Sharing Parenting Time During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Guide To Living With Worry And Anxiety Amidst Global Uncertainty

Coronavirus Info for Young Children

The Coronavirus and Family Law

Licensees have until May 30 to submit their Annual Report FilingPlease visit the Law Society website and click on the “Corporate Statement, Updates and FAQs” banner for the most current information.

Notice to the Legal Profession and the Public regarding the process of emailing urgent documents at the Ontario Court of Justice

EMCPA Order for Limitation Periods, March 20, 2020

Ontario Protecting Critical Front-Line Justice Services in Response to COVID-19

NEW EMB v MFB – May 25, 2020

NEW Brazeau v Lejambe – May 19, 2020

NEW Murphy v Connolly – May 14, 2020

NEW Valentini v Sweet – May 13, 2020

NEW Juergens v Tackabury – May 8, 2020

NEW Sneyd v Tumurtogoo – May 7, 2020

White v Best

Cossu v Simkins

Grossman v Kline

Bartolini v Hill

Wallegham v Spigelski

Hughes v Hughes

Ahmadi v Kalashi

Chin v Omeally

Bruni v Daunheimer-Bruni

Abesteh v Eagle

Amirzada v Alemy

Blythe v Blythe

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Ontario Court of Justice Update

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