Executive & Committees

2017-2018 Executive:

President: Dr. Dan Ashbourne
President Elect & Treasurer: Brian Burke
Vice President: Justice Philip Clay
Secretary: Maxine Kerr
Past President: Justice Gerri L. Wong

The Committee Information currently shown below is from the past year.  We will be updating the information as soon as it becomes available, thank you for your patience.


Finance Committee:
Chair: Brian Burke
Members: Dan Ashbourne, Steven Benmor, Maggie Hall, Justice Allan Rowsell, Justice Gerri L. Wong

Nominating Committee:
Chair: Andrea Himel,
Members: Dan Ashbourne, Shely Polak, Justice Gerri L. Wong

Annual Conference Committee: 
Chairs: Andrea Himel, Brian Burke, & Justice Roselyn Zisman
Members: Dana Cohen, Steve D’Souza, Stella Kavoukian, Maxine Kerr, & Jaclyn Mackenzie

Awards & Scholarships Committee: 
Chair: Jay McGrory
Members: Justice Philip Clay, Seema Jain, Justice Roselyn Zisman

Communications Committees:
Co-Chairs: Linda Feldman and Linda Popielarczyk

Newsletter Committee Members:
Kimberly Brown (AFCC-O Admin), Hayley Glaholt, Karla McGrath, Archana Medhekar, Jared Norton, Brook Thorndycraft

Website Committee Members:
Kimberly Brown (AFCC-O Admin), Michelle Hayes, Mike Marra, Justice Allan Rowsell, Golnaz Simaei, Justice Clayton Spencer

High Conflict Forum Committee:
Chair: Linda Popielarczyk

Members: Dan Ashbourne and Linda Feldman (AFCC-O), Howard Hurwitz and Judy Newman (Toronto High Conflict Forum (HCF)

Membership Committee:
Chair: Jay McGrory
Members: Nicholas Bala, Brian Burke, Michelle Hayes, Justice Gerri L. Wong

Research and Policy Committee:
Co-Chairs: Andrea Himel & Nicholas Bala
Members: Lisa Bernstein, Jay McGrory, Shirley Levitan, Justice Ellen Murray, Keith Taller

Walsh Family Law Moot & Negotiation Competition Committees:

The Walsh Family Law Moot:

Co-Chairs: Steven Benmor & Justice Philip Clay
Members: Golnaz Simaie, Clayton Spencer, Sina Hariri, Jessica Gagne, Aly Virani, Kathy Batycky, Jackie Kennedy, Katina Kavassalis, Tanya Road

The Walsh Family Law Negotiation Competition:

Chairs: Elizabeth Hyde, Tami Moscoe, & Jennifer Suzor
Members: Brian Burke, Susan Jack, Justice Jennifer Mackinnon, Justice Heather McGee, Mary-Anne Popescu, Justice Gerri L. Wong