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Where Have All The Assessors Gone? Addressing Frivolous and Vexatious Complaints and Moving Towards Potential Solutions

Written By: Tami Moscoe, L.L.B. & Barbara Jo Fidler, Ph.D., C.Psych. High conflict family law cases can be challenging to resolve without input from a mental health practitioner with specialized knowledge, training and experience. Custody/access assessments have an important role to play in resolving parenting disputes. Perhaps most importantly, assessments help to create child-focused parenting arrangements that are tailored to a family’s circumstances. Assessments provide…

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The Evaluation of Grandparents as Supervisors of Parental Access

Written By: Dr. Raymond M. Morris The evaluation of grandparents as supervisors of a non-custodial parent’s visitation, and for that matter any relative or non-professionally trained third party who wishes or agrees to provide supervision, must be assessed in relation to three main components. Implementation of those components and subsequent report as noted by Justice K.L. Hawke of the Ontario Court of Justice added “positive…

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The Ontario Court of Appeal Gave Us 1.7 Million Reasons to End Court Orders for Custody

Written By: Steven Benmor and Shely Polak In the groundbreaking decision of M. v. F. [2015] O.J. No. 2048, the three judge panel of the Court of Appeal, consisting of Justices Benotto, MacFarland and Tulloch, considered the best interests of a six year-old boy in a high conflict custody dispute. The social science literature defines high conflict separations as being characterized by high levels of…

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Implications of Amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act: The Plight of Sponsored Spouses

As lawyers who work closely with immigrant families – one of us specializing in legally aided immigration cases and the other specializing in family law cases – and as women and immigrants ourselves, we have had a unique opportunity to consider immigrant issues from both a legal and sociological perspective. In this article, we share our observations of some of the trends and issues arising…

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Immigration Status, Spousal Sponsorship & Spousal Abuse

Spousal abuse thrives in isolated spaces. Knowing this, abusers generally understand that the more effectively they are able to separate their victims from family and community supports, the greater the opportunity for control. Sometimes isolation is achieved when the victim is moved to another city or province, but where the move crosses national, cultural and linguistic boundaries, inaccessibility may be far more profound with the...

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Lawyers Tips for Cross Examination of an Actuary

“A Family Law Lawyer’s Go-To Guide For Examination-In-Chief And Cross-Examination Of An Actuary Under The New Pension Regime In Ontario”, provides a summary of the new regime and raises possible topic areas for cross-examination. The tips about examination-in-chief and cross-examination provide a guideline for conducting an examination-in-chief and cross-examination of an actuary, and, as well, an outline of how to go about the analysis of…

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