Standing AFCC-O Sub-Groups

Standing Sub-Groups welcome new members who practice in the following areas within Ontario:

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Members: Nicholas Bala, Trish Crowe, Mitch Fallis, Karla McGrath, Sian Phillips, Vince Ramsay, Rob Rowe, Sabrina Tripolitano, Justice Anne Trousdale, Peggy Wright

The Kingston group holds meetings on weeknights from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. at the Queen’s Law campus. After discussing the featured topic for one hour, panelists invite questions and comments from the audience. Panels are extremely well-attended, with over seventy regular attendees from Kingston, Belleville, Perth, Brockville, Cobden and Napanee.

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Downloads available below:

Presentation on “Negotiating the Family Justice Maze” prepared by this Kingston group of professionals.

Kingston area resource list “Kingston Services for Separating & Divorcing Parents”

South West Ontario

Founding Members: Dan Ashbourne, Jennifer Suzor, and Justice Gerri Wong

Roundtable discussion groups are held in Windsor several times a year. These events feature a nice dinner and an opportunity to meet colleagues from multi-disciplinary backgrounds such as law, social work and psychology, and coming from Sarnia, Leamington, Essex County, Chatham, and London-Middlesex. Featured speakers have included Alf Mamo, Justice Gerri Wong, Dr. Dan Ashbourne and many others.

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